7 Shoes Every Fashionista should have in their Closet

by Sobia Tehseen
7 Shoes Every Fashionista should have in their Closet

Every woman should have certain basics in her wardrobe. For instance, the little black dress, the jeans with its morphology, or the leather jacket.

With these timeless and essential pieces shoes are also imperative to groom one’s personality. So the choice of the right shoes is vital. Most women are addicted to shoes, frankly! We buy a lot of them and even if we have a pair for each day of the week. We all like always to have a new pair.

Perfect footwear is also essential with accessories to give you an adorable look to your dressing. However, if you like shoes of all the colors, textures, and styles, it doesn’t mean you should have all. The truth is that you only need a few basic shoes to always be on top. Of course, once we have these 7 pairs of good quality shoes, we can dedicate ourselves to expanding our collection.


It’s the first on the list, and if there was only one to buy, it’s this one. Besides, if you haven’t already, then buy it instantly to give a stylish edge to your personality. They are essential to transform any outfit into a more elaborate and sophisticated look. If they’re black, you can match them with everything. These are the most classy and graceful shoes of all. You can put them in the office or for a party or dinner. It is perfect for skirts, jeans or every dress, especially when you don’t know what to wear. No need for vertiginous heels, from 5cm in height it slims your figure.

If you’ve one pair in your closets, you can also wear it with your cocktail dress. Cut to the chase. It’s an awesome choice to give an elegant and chic look to your personality.


They are essential for everyone. They are very comfortable and simply necessary for playing sports. In addition, from time to time, it is good to give some rest to our feet. You can match them with a casual outfit with jeans.


As soon as fall arrives, the Chelsea boot is your best friend. Flat comfort with elasticated bands, we like the black rock version with a pointed toe or even preppy British in natural leather. Boots

Long or medium, this type of shoe is ideal for creating different styles depending on the occasion. Contrary to popular belief, you can wear them any time of the year. Whether during the day or in the evening. Besides, they are very comfortable. Most boots have dark, rather neutral colors, which are very easy to match.


These shoes are the comfortable version of the stilettos. There are dozens of models, colors, brands, and shapes. They can save your life when you need shoes that are comfortable but sophisticated at the same time. Cut to the chase. These are the best shoes to maintain a sense of style while staying relaxed.


For several seasons already, sneakers have settled in our fashion landscapes, have won the esteem of the most reluctant fashionistas and the interest of creators. The rule of thumb for a feminine sneaker look is to keep your darling running immaculate – unless it’s for a rock concert!


Of course, you are not going to wear them very often – unless you are a real party girl. But this is typically the type of shoes that you have to choose carefully once.  Again, no need for 12 heels to impress: flat sandals adorned with rhinestones will look beefy with a little short dress.


The “plus” version of the sandals for your summer looks, if you want to gain a few inches in a long gypsett dress. Be careful, no heels too thin for the day sandal. Instead, bet on a square model, more stable and chicer.

It is the basic list of footwear that every woman should own. Probably, after reading this list, you think that this is not enough. But in reality, with the shoe proposals in this article, you will be able to make multiple combinations. You just need to have good ideas and know-how to match your shoes in an original and creative form.
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