7 Ways to make your home safe for winter

by Sobia Tehseen
7 Ways to make your home safe for winter

Over the last few weeks, it has had a more wintery feel. The days are getting shorter. The temperature has started to drop and winter night stay darker longer. It gives potential burglars more time to attempt crime. Do you know the rate of home burglary rise in the winter? The rate of theft insurance claim increases by 34% in this winter months. Usually, housebreaker prefers break-in under cover of darkness. Stress and emotional trauma of home burglary can blow your cool. In this article, we’ve hauled some tips to keep your home safe and secure.

1.Lock Doors and Windows

Thieves search weaker areas of their homes. Doors and windows are the weak entry point of our abode. So, it’s imperative to lock your doors and windows before leaving home. Most of the homeowners adopt extra measures to protect their home. For example, the installation of a sliding glass door, security system, or installation of a security bar can discourage entry.

2.Use the up-to-dated security system

If you’re using a security system that you’ve installed years ago, then it’s time to upgrade it. An outdated security system can’t provide proper security to your assets and property. The modern security system gives you better protection than ever before. It allows devices to talk to each other. Further, it also helps to adjust thermostats, turning lights on and off, locking and unlocking doors, and more.

3.Motion Detection

The other thing which can make your home safe is motion detection lighting. If you want to save your home from burglary, then keep your home well-lit. Most of the security systems have automation options that allow you to program the system from your computer. Automation timer is another beneficial option that keeps your home safe and sound.

4.Install a Security Alarm System

The latest security alarm system can address all features that robbers hate. Adding flood light activated by motion around the home perimeter upsurge the effect. If something is going wrong in your home, the alarm system will be sent a notice to the local authority who will respond promptly.

5.Install a Security Camera

The camera makes the identification of a real rick for the culprit. Recording cameras also allow you to transmit images to your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Security cameras play a vital role to deter theft. More visible security camera or CCTV camera you’ve less likely you be burgled.

6.Invest in safe

The ace place for valuables, jewelry, cash, and sensitive documents is safe. Investing in a safe will give you bang for your buck. However, while buying a safe, you’ve to consider a lot of things. For instance, its size, weight, quality, key-lock or digital, and any insurance-related requirements. Safes vary in weight and size. Moreover, safes are also differing in the degree of protection they offer, to which end they have graded accordingly. Don’t keep a large amount of cash in your abode.

7.Remove the Greenery from the yard

Remove the trees, trim the shrubs, and eliminate other things that are around the home. It is an ideal way to keep your loved one safe during winter. It will remove lovely hiding spots of intruders. Additionally, you can easily see people’s tracks in the snow. If you have patio furniture and other things outside the home, lock them in the garage because it can be used to climb onto a roof.

Our home is a lovely palace. Its security should be our priority because it protects not only our assets but also our family. Having a professional home security system can give you faster reaction and result. If you want to make your home entirely ready for winter vacation, then follow the above tips.

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