Elevate your style with these Seven Accessories

by Sobia Tehseen
Elevate your style with these seven Accessories

Would you like to be able to quickly adapt your outfit to your activity without having to change yourself entirely?

Do you want to feel free to wear different clothing styles, without having to buy a multitude of different clothes? Are you getting sick from your day to day wardrobe? Don’t worry. You do not need to change your wardrobe entirely. With just a few accessories, you can change your ordinary outfit into an extraordinary ensemble. In this article, we discuss a few accessories that can transform your boring outfit in a few seconds.

The importance of fashion accessories

A fashion accessory is a secondary addition to the clothing of a user. It is generally used to complete the full dress and appearance of the user.

One of the things we noticed in women in fashion is their clothes that look great. The second one is fantastic accessories that punctuate your clothing. There is often a great style in the details.

Like fashion itself, shapes, silhouettes and color accessories are also changing with time. In general, it isn’t very easy to find cool new looks. However, a fashionable necklace for a bag or belt can be combined with older clothes to create unique garments. By investing in fun and trendy new accessories, you will be able to update your wardrobe throughout the season even if it doesn’t conform to fashion trends.

A girl’s outfit consists of different elements. Although clothing is the main part of the outfit, the accessories highlight the clothes chosen.

Be careful, because it can happen that adding accessories has the opposite effect. Continue reading this article, and discover some tips for the right accessories according to the outfit.

1. On the wrists: Interchangeable jewelry

Do you know Les Georgettes?

Behind this original name hides a brand of interchangeable bracelets fashioned in France. These bracelets consist of a honeycomb cuff base in which a reversible leather band is attached.

It is by combining different cuffs and different leathers set that can make the bracelet evolve. With a few basics and a few types of leather, it is possible to compose a large number of bracelets. It will match with your jewelry and your outfit very simply.

The georgettes are marketed in e-commerce on their site as well as at many resellers. The brand also offers necklaces and rings that are also interchangeable.

2. Upgrade your outfit with a jewelry belt

I advise you not to invest too much in this accessory as you may find it difficult to postpone the rest of the year. Also, taking the example of the Esprit belt, you can easily make it yourself using a large elastic if you have a DIY soul of course!

3. Elevate your outfit with a choker

Here too, the choker could easily be made at home from a beautiful velvet ribbon. For winter the choker is thicker indeed, more textured, often embroidered. It also appears wider, forming a sort of high collar. The choker, in its sophisticated or enlarged version, will bring a festive touch to your outfit.

4. Upgrade your outfit with hair jewelry

Here the choice is wide, choose what makes you most comfortable. It’s not about getting rid of it before midnight! Take the example of jewelry combs that are very practical, even for short hair.

5. The scarves

 There are of all colors and for all tastes. You can wear them around the neck or hair. As is the case with clothing, the patterns are obvious!

6. The accessories you can wear to work

Generally, work attire should be discreet and off. The accessories will allow you to add a little spice to your look.

How to do it? By wearing a wristwatch and choker in the color of your choice (avoid fluorescent colors, of course).

You can, for example, put a gold choker on the collar of your shirt: it’s a great way to complete a formal look and to be trendy at work.

7. Create a Fashionista Look

If you are used to tying your hair, you can opt for large earrings that attract attention. Another tip: choose the size of your earrings according to the shirt or top you wear.

This assortment draws attention to the upper part of the body, i.e. the face and the shoulders. Then opt for a skirt or pants discreet, and do the same for shoes, to bring the rest of the outfit forward.

We would all have a huge wardrobe full of clothes, but this is almost impossible. Here’s why accessories are necessary: they allow you to differentiate and create endless looks, and at an affordable price.

What is your favorite accessory? Share in a comment.

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