6 Professional WordPress themes free download (2019)

by Maven WebSol
6 Professional Wordpress themes free download (2019)

The concept of web development has been revolutionized with the introduction of simple themes and website frameworks by WordPress. It is definitely one of the biggest and flexible platforms to get your own website. You have chosen the right platform to get your own personal or business website, and then the next phase comes with the selection of a domain name that is unique and easy for online users to remember. You already know the importance of a Website for business. When you have gone through that phase then you have to choose a web hosting agency that will provide excellent services. 

How to Choose a Web Hosting Agency

There are numerous web hosting agencies that are proficient in dealing with the variant needs of the clients but we can safely recommend you to get the services of ‘Bluehost’ or the ‘SiteGaurd’. These two are one of the widest range WordPress based web hosting agencies in the world. Now you can install the WordPress theme guide that is designed for beginners. After understanding the WordPress policies and easy ways of operation, you need to install a simple theme that is responsive and mobile-friendly for sure. 

How to Look for the Free Clean WordPress Themes 

Here are a list and some key features of simple themes by WordPress, ideally suitable for bloggers who are writing about healthcare, growing vegetables, childcare, animals and pets, wellness, and of motivational tips. 

Some Ideal Themes for Blogs 

Here we are going to brief you about the themes that are easy for blog writers and for independent website owners. These are amongst the best professional WordPress themes free download to start a new website.


It is simple yet a theme with dynamic colors it carries a variety of themes with page layouts, custom-designed widgets, and a variety of colors to mix up for the best visual impact. It is so easy to customize according to your blog niche and ideal for life sciences, wellness and for success tips like blogs. 


Airi is a WordPress theme with its unique aesthetic appeal, and the user-friendliness is a feature worth selection. The design carries a lot of white space and the typography is smooth and it allows the readers to read the subject matter with full concentration. The diversion state is low, and it allows you to use the theme for the small business entities, freelancing, agencies, and e-commerce. Airi is designed with full Elementor integration, and it allows you to customize the theme for any sort of website that is your niche. Its integration with WooCommerce welcomes the users to open it up as full-on an e-commerce website. The banner is so much visible with a call to action and drag and drops feature for user’s ease. 


WordPress is a library of best themes and it is up to the users that are ideally fit for their projects. Sydney is one such theme which is so much popular with the online store owners and with the freelancers as well. It allows you to easily customize the theme with logos, Google fonts and other sorts of graphic designs. The promotional stuff can be easily showcased on a large slider that works as a banner.

Sydney is a full-on mobile responsive theme and you can use even more than 600 Google fonts, to present your content to the audiences with variant typography. Another great feature of attraction is translation readiness, allowing readers from foreign lands to get a closer look at what you are saying. It allows the easy buttons for social media shares and a lot more is offered with this theme. Trust me it’s all free customization…!!


Neve theme by WordPress is for the ones who want the quick things to happen on their website pages. Its compatibility is matched with page builder plugins such as Elementor, Brizzy, Divi, and Site Origin. Interestingly it is also attuned with Gutenberg and it allows a clean design, faster activities and all at free of cost. Isn’t a great deal? For sure it is, and WordPress developers love to go for it especially when they are developing sites for small businesses, agencies and for freelancers.

The easy to customize options allows you to choose a background theme from a long list of designs, colors, and numerous fonts as well. It goes fast on all devices and the mobile response rate is too quick. You can use it for blogs, uploading videos, PDFs and the images at a faster pace. Ideally perfect for writers and professional bloggers and you need to check it once for its easy to use features for sure.


Looking for a modern and quick responding WordPress theme/ Then Zakra is a perfect choice for you guys. It is ideal for personal or corporate blog websites, and at the same time, it can easily be used for online shopping portals. The header is just too cool where you can add your company logo or your personal image if using it as an individual blogger. A call to action button allows the visitors to reach out for the most important page to touch at first.

If you are going to use it for the corporate website then the ease of showcasing the team, about us page, testimonials, and the client logos is so easy. Here you will feel the presence of Elementor and Gutenberg; combined to give you a classic website ease. Zakra is popular for its SEO-friendly design due to its loading speed and the content selection feature. Add your own brand color and the header styles that are available in multifaceted ways here.


OceanWP is one of the purest themes of WordPress that is impressive with its grace and layout. It is ideal for the blogs writers, online magazines, e-commerce stores, and health and wellness kinds of websites. It is developed with multiple designs for fitting to each blog, eye-catching with great widgets that can be customized. Ideal for a multifaceted website with themes and for the best kinds of deals as a matter of fact. 


Interesting thing is that more and more people from around the world are having an option to get professional WordPress themes free download and the ones with an excellent layout and widgets. You can flourish your business using some basic SEO techniques. The extra plugins can easily be put in if you hire the services of an expert WordPress website developer in your area or can look for an offshore worker as well. For more free themes information, You can also visit the Atheme Website.

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