How to Do SEO for a Website

by Muhammad Inam Ul Haq
how to do seo for a website

Search engine optimization is evolving from traditional digital marketing. It drives up to 300% more Traffic than a social marketing channel. So, as an entrepreneur, you should expect to get a better result in terms of highly targeted traffic.  How to Do SEO for a Website helps people to find your business or website in front of the search result.

Website Design for Holistic SE

Digital Marketers should consider various critical factors in Web design to perform a holistic SEO campaign. The old saying “Build it, and they will come” fits best in this scenario. Website design and development takes only 50 milliseconds to get the attention of the site visitors. 

Take into consideration important points and areas while making a web design fir a holistic SEO campaign.  It will help you to generate favorable actions from site visitors. The first impression of your site should be effective because it will let your visitors stay more on your website. Loading speed, site speed, compatibility to mobile action, proper navigation, and link label also play a vital role in web design as they entice visitors for further action.

Engagement and Holistic SEO

Visitors find or prefer those sites which they find relevant and useful to what they need or are searching for. Here, engagement is the significant component where a call to action and the actual conversion take place. 

Your success of engagement with your targeted customers depends on how effective your digital marketing campaign can attract relevant leads that convert. Historically, how to do SEO for a Website is a more effective way to attract lead that converts, than print advertising or even direct mail.

On-Page Activities for Holistic SEO

On-page SEO activities have significant impacts in the Semantic search, but the technical side still matters like title tag, sitemap, meta description, navigation, coding, and usability, among others. The search intent also depends on the holistic approach, on what targeted customers will be looking for or what they’re expecting, or prefer to see once they visit a site. This is a continuous process that digital marketers should continuously process as part of a holistic SEO approach if they want to thrive in their business in their overall digital marketing campaign.

Link Building for holistic SEO

Most of the users click on the link by believing that it will take them to what they’re looking for. 70% of these links are organic. If they’re using Google, then 18% of these clicks are generated by site ranked at the top position in the search result, and 10% goes to the second site, and 7% lands on the third spot. 

The organic search result relies on various factors, and the most important among them is site link popularity. Link building and backlinks should be generated using a holistic tactic. Focus on the websites that have high-quality content and are relevant to your niche, product, or service is essential for getting a link.

Social Credentials for holistic SEO

Social Media is an excellent and relevant source of enhancing traffic. It’s also essential to increase your site and your brand, authority, credibility, and social relevance in the semantic web. 

If your site content goes viral on social networks, then it will generate tons of social signals, like, share and comments, etc. all these factors influence search ranking in the semantic search result. High-quality and engaging content on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ allow the people in social media to talk and buzz about on an overwhelming global basis.

In a nutshell, your holistic SEO campaign success rate greatly depends on delivering an enjoyable, memorable, and engaging user experience with targeted customers. Whether you’re a startup business or an established enterprise trying to gain higher mileage in the world of the semantic web, perfect SEO strategy is imperative to generate the kind of results you want and need.

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