by Muhammad Inam Ul Haq

Having a house built is a major project. What arrangement? What materials to choose from? How not miss structuring elements? You have to succeed in juggling your wishes, technical and budgetary constraints. Here are twelve questions to ask yourself to don’t get involved headlong and define your project.

What type of house to choose from?

For the choice of the house, check if there are architectural constraints with the town hall. Also, find out about the local town planning plan. This document will allow you to learn about the architectural rules to be respected, such as the type of roof, the materials, the density rules. The choice of the type of house depends on tastes, budget, particular constraints …

Whether concrete, brick, or stone, the traditional house will have a charm for some and not for others. Note that its main advantage is to offer excellent thermal insulation. This type of construction also guarantees incomparable robustness and longevity.

Wooden construction is not left out in terms of insulation, mainly from a thermal point of view. If you opt for this type of house, plan for efficient soundproofing, especially for the floors. It can be cork, wood fiber, or cellulose panels.

There is also an industrial house with metal partitions or metal frames. The elements are manufactured in the factory, then assembled directly on a concrete foundation. If you want to buy luxury apartments in Lahore, visit the union complex.

How many people will be living in the house?

How many people are in your household? Do you have young children? Or do you plan to have children shortly? Your children are grown up… Will they soon take their independence? Would you like to regularly welcome relatives? Do you ever work from home? All of these questions are essential to calibrate the size of your home with the right number of rooms, their destination, and the necessary equipment or fittings. This will have an impact on a budget of your construction project.

Do you want a single-story or two-story house?

Your land allows you to have sufficient floor space for a single-story house. These constructions are interesting. They have the advantage of being accessible to everyone. If your children are still small, or if you are getting older, the single-story house may be more suitable and allow all family members (children, seniors, a person with reduced mobility) to circulate freely. Security. If you plan to stay in your home for the long term, this is an interesting option allowing you to have all the spaces accessible, even in the event of a mobility problem .

The other option is the two-story house. It often gives a feeling of space. Also, it makes it possible to delimit the functions of each level: the living rooms are often provided on the ground floor, and the first floor is generally devoted to bedrooms and bathrooms.

What types of floors should you choose in a house?

The function of each room will help you determine the choice of floor. If you choose to install parquet in the living rooms, know that you have a wide choice, both in styles and prices. You can opt for a traditional wooden floor. Insulation, warmth, and cachet guaranteed. But you can just as easily prefer a floating or glued parquet. Be sure to ensure sound insulation through an underlay, parquet floors being more sound floors.

If you can perfectly choose to lay parquet in the water rooms (bathroom, toilet, and kitchen), we often prefer soft floors or tiling, for practical reasons! For tiling, take care of the “slippage” of the coating to limit he risk of falls.

Finally, if you choose to put carpet in the rooms, choose a quality model. However, if you have dust mite allergy concerns, this is not recommended. Union Complex is the best option for buying apartments.

How to arrange the kitchen?

The perfect kitchen varies according to individual tastes, and especially according to the use you want to make of this room if you are a foodie and like to spend hours cooking up small dishes, every detail counts!

Do you decide first on the room’s overall layout: do you prefer to have a closed room, which prevents odors from spreading throughout the home? On the contrary, do you see the kitchen as an open space, which allows you to communicate with your family and your guests while concocting your meals? Do you want a full-length kitchen?

For creating a kitchen, know that there is a rule to follow for an optimized layout: the triangle of activities. This means that the location of the items used for cooking (hotplates, oven), washing (sink, dishwasher), and storing your food (refrigerator, freezer) must represent a triangle. This arrangement makes it possible to optimize gestures and movements.

How to organize the shower room and bathroom?

Water features are important for everyday life but can also make a difference when reselling your property. Think carefully about what you want to install. Would you like more than one bathroom? Or do you prefer to provide a bathroom and a powder room? A separate toilet? For a two-story house, consider providing toilets on each floor for the sake of convenience. Again, follow your preferences! But you can get advice from a specialist, who will be able to provide you with the answers to all questions. Also, plan a WC near your guests’ living rooms and reception rooms if you are considering such a space.

Where to place your terrace?

Lovers of sun and strong heat will choose it facing south, and the most sensitive will prefer to install it in the shade of a tree and especially sheltered from the wind! Remember to consider all the elements when choosing the location of your patio. Be careful. If you live in a hot region, the terrace in full sun can quickly become unlivable in summer.

How much is built-in storage needed?

The integrated storage often makes all the difference: Practical and discreet, and they offer endless possibilities to store all your accessories, equipment, clothing, and other utensils. With sliding doors, roller shutters, or classic doors, the storage range is endless and comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Do not neglect any room or any “wasted” space: you will never have too much storage!

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