by Muhammad Inam Ul Haq

Are you waging a lost war against the dust? However, the lethal weapon is in your hands, and the ten golden rules, immutable, of the household. If you find it disheartening and pointless to clean your home, follow the tips below. Adopt our grandmothers’ strategies, and your family will shine with all its splendor before the end of the century.

An interior without spots?

Respect these commandments for a good household and irreproachable maintenance of your home.

Stop procrastination!

When you handle them straight away, spills and stains are much easier to clean up. The longer you delay, the more the color is likely to become encrusted, and the more complicated your task will be.

An exception to the rule: if there is mud on one of your rugs, it is best to let it dry first until it is hard and crumbly. The vacuum cleaner will do the rest.

Always up and down

Don’t fight gravity; you’ll lose every time.

When you do an effective cleaning, start with the ceiling on the top floor and end with the basement floor.

In a room, deal with cobwebs on the ceiling and dust on fan blades, ceiling light, moldings, door, window, and picture frames, and the tops of shelves first. . Continue methodically down to the floor, and the dust you shake won’t be able to fall on something you’ve already cleaned.

When washing windows and mirrors, follow the same principle, as your cleaning fluid is also sensitive to gravity.

Dry first

Start with dry cleanings, such as wiping the dust cloth and broom, then use “wet” methods, such as mopping with an all-purpose cleaner. This way, there will be less dirt that will stick to wet surfaces.

Velvet glove or iron hand?

Go easy at first, and only switch to more aggressive techniques when it’s essential. Ensure you understand the effect of your cleaning efforts on different materials, so you know when to stop to avoid damage.

Put time on your side

A little time management will make your job easier and faster. When planning your household, plan to spray cleaner on the surfaces to be washed, then do something else while the cleaner does its dirty work. For example, in the kitchen, spray cleaner on the stove, counter, sink, etc., and let it soften the dirt while you empty expired items from your fridge. Then a wipe with a wet rag will usually suffice, and there will be very little left to scratch.

Keep your guns handy

Always keep your essential equipment with you. This will save you many back and forth, searching for your brushes, rags, and cleaners.

For this purpose, do you buy one of these accessories:

  • a plastic basket with a compartment with a handle to carry your equipment,
  • a large, sturdy plastic bucket with a handle,
  • a material trolley,
  • an apron with a large pocket.

Pack all your essentials and tools in the accessory you choose, including rags, paper towels, and a plastic bag for emptying wastebaskets and other trash around the house, and take it from room to room with you. If you live in a two-story house, equip each floor with a cart with everything you need.

Try it out

Before using a new technique or cleaning product, test the hidden side of the object you want to clean. Also, do this when it is the first time to clean a delicate item that could be damaged by a chemical product. Your test will also tell you if your object is likely to bleed.

Do not soak delicate items

When cleaning electronics or boards, spray cleaner on your cloth rather than the object. Drops that penetrate the interstices of an electronic device can damage it, and a product dripping on a painting or a craft object can damage it.

follow the instructions

Read the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning anything. From the toaster to a silk tunic, every material requires proper care. Carefully keep the cleaning instructions and tips for any new appliance, carpet, or another interior item. Do not remove tags from clothing, bedding, or any other thing that will ever get washed.

And above all, take care of yourself!

Many cleaning products contain acid, bleach, or other ingredients that can harm your eyes, skin, nose, or lungs. So include rubber gloves and protective glasses in your household accessories. If it’s not too hot, put on some old long pants or jogging clothes and a long-sleeved sweater in case you get splashed with cleaner. Cover your hair with a scarf or baseball cap. Put a little petroleum jelly under your fingernails to brush away the dirt. Dab it on your cuticles as well to prevent them from drying out, becoming rough, or cracking from chemicals. Do not mix your products! For example, the combination of a chlorinated product with ammonia gives off a lethal gas. When using cleaning products, make sure the room is well ventilated.

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