Tips That Work For Your Social Media Strategy

by Muhammad Inam Ul Haq
Tips That Work For Your Social Media Strategy

Content development is as critical in terms of social networks as listening to user feedback. You have to bear in mind that social networks are just that, social networks.

One of the keys to any social media strategy is to be flexible. And to solve the changes that may occur throughout the year, we have made a list with some tips that will help you shape it and get the most out of it.

1. Update your social profiles

Keeping your social profiles updated will help you position your brand on different social networks. It seems obvious, but when we talk about updating profiles, we mean:

Change the cover image periodically to adapt to the brand’s news or other milestones, such as season or sales change.

Daily, highlight publications on your wall. Depending on your needs, do not be afraid to share various posts.

Get the most out of the highlights from Instagram. Take the opportunity to share news; questions frequently asked, brand aspects… The choices are immense.

Whenever the occasion occurs, change your profile image. Either because it is the anniversary of your brand or because you join initiatives such as the color pink on Breast Cancer Day.

Complete the information in your profiles. Social networks make it easier and more comfortable to give information about your brand. Make it clear where you are, what hours you have, or your website or blog, if you have it. contact with digital marketing agency for manage your business social media account.

Update the link that you share in your profile. You can generally share your website but on specific dates such as sales or the launch of news, change it to redirect the user where you are most interested.

2. Organize sweepstakes and contests

Contests and sweepstakes are one more marketing tool that will help you achieve different goals.

Our advice is that depending on your objectives; you propose one campaign or another. It is not the same to increase your social networks’ followers, such as Facebook, to wish to increase your database with qualitative leads.

But if you’re looking to spice up your social profiles, you can launch an interactive campaign. One of Cool Tabs’ novelties and with which we are sure that your community will have fun and participate in the road quiz. A dynamic in which, depending on the user’s answers, some questions or others occur.

In this link, you can find all the campaigns that you can launch with Cool Tabs. We are sure that there is a perfect mechanic for every brand and every moment. So do not hesitate anymore:

  • Set goals.
  • Pick a flashy award.
  • Choose your campaign.
  • Select a channel.
  • And reach your goals with Cool Tabs!

3. Work with content calendars

At first, it may seem a bit tedious to have the contents of a whole month done. It will take one or two days of work, and once ready; you can spend time optimizing your strategy and profiles.

Having defined the publications of the month will help you:

  • Be more efficient.
  • Detect possible problems.
  • Anticipate situations of possible changes.
  • Sort the frequency of posts.
  • Better distribute the type of publications and channels that you are going to use.
  • Maintain a fluid relationship with the client.
  • Have time to research and keep up with trends.

4. Schedule posts

Once the month’s contents have been defined and approved, schedule them when you consider most efficient.

Once scheduled, you only have to dedicate a couple of minutes a day to check if the publications have come out correctly.

5. Offer innovative content

With so many social media marketing services, it’s often difficult to stand out. Do not despair. It would help if you had a little imagination, sometimes, and excellent brainstorming to find new ways to communicate.

Some topics with which you can impact your followers are, for example, product presentations or event communication.

Don’t be afraid to innovate and remember that all is not yet done in social media strategy.

6. Include calls to action

Sometimes it will be easier to tell the user what you want them to do than wait for them to do it. Don’t be afraid to ask your community. From knowing how their weekend went or what item they expect to buy in the sales. Although for the latter, we recommend that you launch a poll or a voting contest.

Of course, keep in mind the restrictions that each social network has when asking users. Not everything is allowed.

7. Know your social audience

It seems obvious, but we don’t always listen to users. One of the strengths for your content to work is that it adapts to your community. It will be useless to make useful posts if your followers are not interested. Do not you think? So practice active social listening.

In this case, thanks to the Cool Tabs Social Listening tool, you will be able to practice active social listening and find out first-hand your social audience’s interests.

8. Interact and participate in conversations with users

Don’t be afraid to interact with other brands, users, and your followers. This is an aspect that will add value to your brand. If you only dedicate yourself to publishing, you will be losing the “social” part of social networks.

Also, interacting with other profiles will help you improve the presence and image of your brand. Spend a few minutes a day with different users listening to feedback and brainstorming.

9. Analyze your competition periodically

Indeed you are not a unique brand, so it is essential to be up to date with what your competition does.

We recommend that you make a periodic report of the competition. In this way, you will know how to detect where your brand is about the sector.

10. Favor collaborative content

Betting on User Generated Content will help you strengthen ties with your community and show other users what your product is like truthfully.

You can encourage collaborative content by running a photo or story contest.

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors!

11. Don’t be afraid to share content

If we mentioned the importance of interacting with other profiles, it is essential to highlight the importance of sharing content from other brands.

Search, analyze, and select valuable content that matches your brand, may interest users, and help you stay in touch with the latest news from the sector and other brands.

What do you like your posts to share? Well, the others too. Don’t be shy about sharing.

12. Use social media tools

Currently, there are many tools with which to streamline your day today. You can find them free and paid. From devices to optimize your content, streamline your routine, or find and download multimedia elements.

13. Analyze your social profiles periodically

This is advice that we could make the norm. How do you know if your work in social networks works if you do not measure and analyze the results? Exactly, you can’t say.

That is why preparing a monthly results report will help you not only to know where your brand is, but it will also allow you to detect possible problems and weaknesses in addition to helping you see what works.

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